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The ProFootSpa Cleanse System is a professional ionic foot bath detoxification system which aids in total body purification, as the power is drawn from the control unit, ions are created in the water... The ProFootSpa Elite Series Unit is simply our most powerful and effective detox system available.. The Homay Water Ionizer is a digital water ionizer with preset functions you select with the push of a button. You can choose a range of pH from acidic to alkaline water (low pH to high pH)
ProFootSpa Arrays are industry standard, and will fit both ionic foot baths we sell,... What is an array? Click on the picture for more information. The ProFootSpa Dual Unit System is a professional ionic foot bath dual detoxification system that can accommodate 2 individuals at the same time since it is a two station unit. It also comes with an MP3 player... The Microcurrent Face Lift System is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic technique that safely and effectively improves the health and appearance of the skin...
The FIR Infrared Belt is the standard belt replacement for ProFootSpa foot baths The ProFootSpa Wristband is the standard wristband replacement for ProFootSpa origional foot baths. Elite Series units do not require a wristband.





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